Angle Grinder TRICK || Brilliant DIY LIFE HACKS

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8 thoughts on “Angle Grinder TRICK || Brilliant DIY LIFE HACKS

  1. Another grinder attachment made thats made very DAMGEROUS & COULD KILL SOMEONE.
    1) are you an enginer ?
    2) Did you take into concideration of centrifical force on the plate to calculate if it can withstand the centrifical force?
    3) Did you calculate for the proper placements of the holes & hole sizes in comparioson to the disc & the RPM’s that the disc will endure to make sure it is not riped appart by centrifical force ?

    Mind you this is better then the one i seen with selftapping screws drilled into a flapper wheel. NONE THE LESS, ITS STILL TO DANGEROUS.

    I have over 35 years experience in the steel industry & nobody in their right mind would use this the way it is right now.

  2. I though you will use it for coconuts 😄 its so similar with “parut kelapa” from south east asian

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