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Nowadays smartphones replaced digital cameras because phones have powerful cameras, compact and are so easy to you. Professionals still prefer fancy cameras but ordinary prefer making perfect photos with smartphones. Moreover, you don’t have to learn different kinds of latest software to edit photos. Check out how to make your images even better and creative tricks to make pictures more interesting for your followers.
Thanks to Instagram the popularity of blogs has incredibly increased and people tend to make more and more photos and search for different ways to get more followers. We are ready to help and share some photo tricks to make the best composition techniques. If you are a travel blogger you will like the idea of change “location” photos. Make jumping photos from different locations and make a small video/ Watch our video and ask your friend for help. You followers will be amazed! Every girl wants to look perfect on photos and you will find different tips on how to look skinnier on photos or how to make a funny photo with your friends.
But we have more incredibly cool ideas on how you can use your phone camera for amazing photographic effects: create multiple person illusion; make your panoramas fun by asking your friend to move to different parts of the scene as you take the sequence; put a small drop of water on the lens for a macro effect; make a reflector from white sheet; use pantyhose to make a portrait softener.
Don’t forget to share these amazing tricks with your friends!

00:52 How to look skinnier on photos
02:26 Photo Prank
04:14 DIY portable phone charger
07:02 Vertical panorama
09:29 Macro effect

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  1. Do you often take pics ?📷
    Best ideas to try:
    0:52 How to look skinnier on photos
    2:26 Photo Prank
    4:14 DIY portable phone charger
    7:02 Vertical panorama
    9:29 Macro effect
    More ideas for your gadgets

    1. Why do u Guys use the same vids every-time again? Because every-time i see a video, these are always the same mini video’s ;-;. Maybe try to improve that. Many people think like this about it.

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