23 Travel Hacks (Packing, Airplane & Hotel)

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Here are 23 travel hacks for you that have solved a problem for me over the years. My tips will help you when you are packing your carryon suitcase. You will see some tricks to use in the airplane as well as learn hacks for going through the airport. We fly very often, and these travel hacks have become a way of life for me that will help you. I talk about cell phone hacks, packing hacks, hotel room hacks, and backpack tips; plus the one brilliant hack I just heard of. Leave me a comment if you have a travel hack to share. Thanks so much for watching my videos, friends!

My Hack Helpers:
My Liquids Bag:
Hand Phone Prop:
My Slim-Line Power Bank:
Cute Pink Power Bank:
One-handed Containers:
Tiny Disc Containers:
Pink Jewelry Bag (similar):
My CarryOn Suitcase:
My Travel Tunic:

USA Today Article:
How to Use Google Maps Remotely:
Soluble Paper Soap:

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11 thoughts on “23 Travel Hacks (Packing, Airplane & Hotel)

    1. Oh my word, how awesome! Not to Jamaica but to Nassau…and Aruba…the closest to the equator we’ve been. No way could I go in the middle of the summer. We almost booked a cruise to Cuba this April but can’t this spring. Have so much relaxing fun!

  1. Hey Laurie!! I LOVED this video. You really do the same things I do with the tiny change purses. I think they’re more organized and convenient. As a woman who travels on my own, the last thing I want to do is look flustered searching for things in my bag! I also am walking disabled and usually will arrange for wheelchair assistance. Much safer. What I do is have a pouch that I got on a lanyard years ago. I put my ID and also separate tip money, folded into 2 or 3 dollar amounts and am able to just give the attendant a tip without going into wallets or bags. I’m actually going to check out those packing cubes. I liked the way you were rolling clothes but I think I’ll give them a try!! Thanks for the hacks, I’m sure getting me a power bank!! 🌹 Joan 🌹

    1. Yes, Joan. Use that wheelchair assistance! My mom did when we went to Spain. What a great idea to have tips in bundles ready to go! I started out with a cheap set of cubes, and they are still working fine. LOVE the power bank…when I remember the white cord that actually goes into my phone. Thanks again!

  2. I learned when I lived in Germany that using your credit card to pay for things will usually give you a better exchange rate. Great video Laurie!

    1. Ooh, most definitely. See, that sounds like common sense, but that’s the kind of stuff we like to know. Not everyone knows that. Sharing is caring ha. Thanks, Chrissy!

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